Real-time statistics
With real-time statistics feature you will get with Ease My Sale software that will help you to get real-time insights into sales activities. Thus, you will get information about high and under-performing sale activities to reveal real-time insights.

Scale your company, not complexity

Real-time sales are not about getting speedy customers, it is all about getting the real conversations through which you can track your sales. Therefore, in our Ease My Sale software, we have embedded our real-time approach that will let you get relevant information about how many people are interested in your business.

  • View different lead sources
  • Check health of sales funnel with a single click
  • Get a detailed view of what is happening in the sales dashboard

Adopt real-time sales methodology

The Ease My Sales software will let you establish a real-time sales mindset that will help you to keep track over what is happening with your sales funnel. You can easily keep a count on the qualified leads, create relevant outreach plays for each of them.

  • Seamlessly track your lead data
  • Get a view of your top-selling products
  • Keep a check on missed follow-up leads

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We know that managing your generated leads is a bit challenging task. But with our easy-to-use software, you can reach your sales target and generate higher revenue.